Our Program

The Stayin’ Alive Tour is on a mission to bring awareness of the opioid crisis to every community in the country. Our program is designed to not only heighten the awareness of opioid addiction, but stop it before it even happens.

Each Stayin’ Alive Tour event includes the following:

  • The program will feature a high-impact, motivational speaker who was an opioid addict and literally died twice from his using. His emotional story will shine a light on the opioid epidemic for your students.
  • From there, participants will watch a high-impact video to show the dangers of opioid use.
  • The program will end with a game show, which allows students to answer questions regarding what the speaker said and questions on the opioid epidemic sweeping the country.
  • Each school will be given a curriculum for students showing the dangers of opioid use, which was designed by a board-certified doctor.
  • Press release sent to all media within a 60-mile radius (at school’s discretion).
  • The key is to stop these students from going down the wrong path with regards to opioids, which is where the entire program comes into play.